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We make
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We make gardening a pleasure

Why Sasya Shyamale?

Sasya Shyamale brings over a decade of experience in landscape design and execution. Our creative and customised designs guarantee a unique and satisfying experience.

No project is too large and no home is too small. We take pride in the challenges put forth to us, always coming out with stellar results.

Our Services

From terrace gardens, to massive commercial spaces. We do it all. Our services include soil preparation, long term maintenance and everything in between. 

Our Services

From terrace gardens, to massive commercial spaces. We do it all. Our landscaping services include soil preparation and long term maintenance. Oh and everything in between.

bio manure

Bio Organic Fertilizer

Experience the Joy of Harvesting!

100% Organic and Natural –  These Bio-Manure Organic Kits can be used for 2 months for over 100 pots.

Grow your your own fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables on your kitchen window or balcony.


Garden Accessories

Everything you need to maintain your garden – small or large, we have a range of Garden Accessories.

Digging, trimming, cutting or just maintaining – we have it all!

We have everything you need.


Pots & Planters

Pots are an essential part of home gardens. The right pot can help your plant blossom to its full potential.

We carry a range of pots and planters, small, large, plain, colourful and even some fancy ones!

Pots, Pots Pots!

The Designer

It was in 2013 that the seeds of Sasya Shyamale were planted. Sowmyashree was an enthusiast of terrace gardening and began growing her own fruits and vegetables in her garden.

One thing led to another and Sowmya wanted to share her knowledge of gardening and plants with the world. Her vision of organic, no fuss gardening, translated into the company’s slogan “We make gardening  a pleasure”.

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Construction Private Limited

Soumya did landscaping of my home terrace garden and balcony. She had picked ideal kind of plants for each area and arranged them in an organised manner. She used colourful planter boxes which made the whole area very beautiful. Soumya also selected plants and planter boxes in a very economical way. I had earlier planted some rose plants in the paint buckets which I asked her to replace with colour pots. She, without hesitation said paint buckets are stronger than the planter boxes. I really admired her truthfulness. She is passionate and very enthusiastic about plants. Top of all, she is a hard worker. I was amazed to see her carrying heavy planter items along with her staff at work.

- Saroja Chandrashekaran

Sujatha Ramesh

I highly recommend Sowmya not just for her excellent Quality products, but also for her contagious passion and inspiring expertise. A conversation with her is a delightful education in gardening. Wishing her a blooming business.

Ratna Sudha

I have requested Mrs. Sowmyashree to revive my terrace garden. From the day I have made the request, she actively followed up with me, gave suggestions about the suitability of plants and gave me various options. She personally selects each plant that she supplies to her clients and uses great care to give only quality plants and accessories to clients. Don't be fooled by slender frame, she has great strength and she nonchalantly carries heavy pots with plants, and is hands on. She has amazing knowledge about the carious plants and rattles their scientific names with great ease. Her passion shines through her work. I will be extremely happy to refer Sowmyashree and Shyamale Enterprises wherever there is a landscaping requirement or create a requirement where there is none.

- J Ratna Sudha

Panchami Shree
Construction Pvt. Ltd.

It was a challenge for me to consider Mrs. Sowmyashree for a landscape project in Mysire which was big considering the projects she has done. But the gut feeling and the will to take forward my BNI colleague with me, over rode all negative things. She took up the challenge, met the clients, interacted with them, discussed, debated, learnt and planted all the greenery to the client's satisfaction and testimony to the same is that she received her full payment. The project got the real touch of completion after the greenery and colours spread by Mrs. Sowmyashree. She is a good learner & hard worker. I saw her doing the planting in the mid afternoon on a hot summer. Best of wishes for a successful entrepreneurship in all her endeavours.

- S Sethuram

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