Our Story

As with most entrepreneurship stories, ours begins with one person’s dream. It was a dream of sharing the knowledge and excitement of gardening & landscaping, with everyone. With everything that we do, we always try to live up to our mission.

“To make gardening a pleasure”.

The Beginning

The seeds of Sasya Shyamale were planted way back in 2013. Sowmyashree used her terrace as her playground to grow fruits and vegetables. She faced & overcame many problems, and decided to convert her knowledge and experience into the first Sasya Shyamale Bio Organic Kit.

Landscaping & Products

Today, we have grown into a professional Landscaping Company with services such as Landscape Design, Soil Evaluation & Preparation, Drip Irrigation, Long Term Plant Maintenance and so much more!

Sasya Shyamale also sells 5 types of Bio-Organic Kits, various types of Garden Accessories and all the Pots & Planters you will ever need!

The Future, Farming, and Much More

For the better half of the decade, we have created over 50 kitchen gardens, with a makeover area of over 10000 sq. ft. We have designed and executed projects both small and massive for academic institutions, resorts, gated communities, farm houses, manufacturing industries, corporate offices and showrooms.

We are dealers in all types of Garden Accessories & tools, Pots & Planters for home or commercial purposes and our very own Bio-Organic Kits, which make for a no fuss gardening experience. But, the dream is far from a reality. We still have much knowledge to share and many more spaces to “greenify”.

Need a free consult on your space for gardening or landscaping? We are always happy to oblige any conversation with regards to all things green!

Sasya Shyamale and Shyamale Gardens are both registered brand names of Shyamale Enterprises.

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