Bio Organic Fertilizer

Designed to make gardening and landscaping a no fuss affair. Small or extremely large, we cater to any size.


MahaChaitanya™ is designed to provide a total nutrition to the plants throughout their life cycle, without the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers.

MahaChaitanya™ contains various bio stimulants, bio fertilizer cultures and trace elements, which provide the plant with essential nutrition that is required at various stages of growth viz., vegetative phase, flowering phase and fruiting phase.

Enzymes and metabolites secreted by the various components contained in MahaChaitanya™ aid in plant growth and development during the cropping cycle.


AMOGHA™ is an unique Bio stimulant based on bioactive substances of Vermi-compost. It is recommended for soil applications and for all crops and soils.

AMOGHA ™ provides Bioenergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and bio stimulants substances.


AURVA™ is the potential antagonistic fungus which protects the crops/plants from disease like Wilt, Phytophthora, Mealy
Bugs and Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp. – Root knot nematodes).

AURVA™ is an unique Bioproduct based on Bio Fungicide, Bio Nutrients and Enzymes. It is recommended for soil application and spraying for all crops and soils.

AURVA™ also acts as a growth promoter by releasing auxins and gibberline in the rhizosphere.


Ishaani Plus contains live cells of specific strains of bacteria and fungi which are formulated in suitable carriers.  These microbes, upon application to the soil (under suitable conditions),  secrete metabolites which make the deficient element available to the plant, in an assimilable form.

Application of Ishaani Plus results in increased mineral and water uptake, root development, vegetative growth yield of improved quality.

They are eco friendly, non-toxic and easy to use.

For Home Gardeners

We have curated and created a specialised kit, just for the home gardeners. We have created this kit with our own personal experiences, and it contains everything you need to grow a beautiful Home Garden.

Sasya Shyamale Bio Kit

Sasya Shyamale Bio Kit Contains

  • ISHANI PLUS : Provides Macro and Micro nutrients to the plant.and promotes hormonal activity.
  • MahaChaitanya™ : Designed to provide total nutrition to the plants throughout their life cycle, without the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers.
  • Aurwa™ : It is the potential antagonistic fungus which protects the crops/plants from disease like Wilt, Phytophthora, Mealy Bugs and Nematodes.
  • Amogha™ : Provides Bioenergy required for crops and has biologically derived nutrients and Bio stimulant substances.
  • Aghora™ : Bio Acaricide and Bio insecticide to control Mites, Scales, Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, White files and Caterpillars.

A new dimension in organic gardening. Being 100% organic and environment friendly, the kit’s ingredients can be used for 100 pots for over 2 months.

You can now choose the best choice of fruits, vegetables and flowers in your garden to grow, chemical free and healthy.

No farming background is required to grow your terrace garden. All it needs is enthusiasm for green and health living, and using “Sasya Shyamale Bio Organic Terrace Garden Kit”, which makes terrace gardening easy and an enjoyable.

  • 100% Organic Kit with no chemicals.
  • Positive side effects with enhanced growth.
  • High yield and disease resistant.
  • Environment friendly
    Guaranteed results.
  • Easy to use and harvest
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