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Shyamale Enterprises deals in the sales and marketing of various products related to gardening, landscaping & maintenance. We have a large range of products and provide them as is or as a part of a landscaping service.

bio manure

Bio Organic Fertilizer

Experience the Joy of Harvesting!

100% Organic and Natural –  These Bio-Manure Organic Kits can be used for 2 months for over 100 pots.

Grow your your own fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables on your kitchen window or balcony.


Garden Accessories

Everything you need to maintain your garden – small or large, we have a range of Garden Accessories.

Digging, trimming, cutting or just maintaining – we have it all!

We have everything you need.


Pots & Planters

Pots are an essential part of home gardens. The right pot can help your plant blossom to its full potential.

We carry a range of pots and planters, small, large, plain, colourful and even some fancy ones!

Pots, Pots Pots!

Sasya Shyamale and Shyamale Gardens are both registered brand names of Shyamale Enterprises.

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